Mission & Values

Our mission is to be recognised as a unique executive resourcing business that delivers an unmatched level of innovation, commitment and integrity to our clients and candidates.

Three core themes guide our work:

  • Our clients deserve the very best expertise at every stage of our executive search or interim selection.
  • Thorough expert evaluation of candidates, allied to a deep understanding of our client organisation, is crucial to the success of the executives we recruit.
  • Productive long-term relationships between our clients and consultants rely on mutual respect and understanding. Delivering a well-defined strategy, transparent progress and costs, ethical practices and outstanding results, is the best way to strengthen this relationship.

Underpinning our themes are core values:

We’re honest with our clients and candidates. They know we’re focused on their best interests and will do whatever we can to create enduring value for them. If we think candidates are lacking in a particular area, we’re open about our view because we can help them develop, while guiding them to a path that makes the most of their current skills.

We use the combined skills of specialists, including industry experts, research teams and mentors, communicating promptly with all parties.

We’re a nimble, fast moving business, able to make rapid resource decisions and develop new solutions. Each of our assignments is unique and we constantly innovate in order to contact hard to reach candidates and deliver support services that make placements a success.

Many of our clients are public sector or international organisations operating in highly regulated environments and our approach includes robust assessment processes founded on objectivity and transparency. These include preliminary interviews, psychometric assessment, media assessment and stakeholder panels. We source and select candidates ethically and maintain complete records to demonstrate our process is scrupulously fair and our results are auditable.

We’re passionate about delivering a high level of service. We’re also aware of the life-changing effect of new roles for executives and the potential outcomes for organisations. So we look hard at what we do and strive to ensure we deliver.