We use an innovative approach to designing an executive resourcing solution; we build and manage a project team of specialists, including industry experts, specialist research teams, mentors and thought leaders.

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Industry Partners
We ask our industry experts to tell us and you, what it takes for an executive to deliver your vision. From there we help you create a tailored candidate profile that will work for your immediate needs but also help to take your organisation towards your wider future goals.

Specialist researchers
Then we brief expert researchers to identify our candidates. We employ different researchers for different projects, who speak the candidates’ language.

We use our contacts, databases, online advertising and technology - used by government intelligence departments - to search blogs, chats, social networking sites, research papers, news articles and CV databases. This helps us to identify key thought leaders, top executives and agents of change. Our researchers then reach them personally. Our technology makes us faster and more cost effective.

International partners
Many of our clients are public sector or international organisations operating in highly regulated environments and our approach includes robust assessment processes founded on objectivity and transparency. These include preliminary interviews, psychometric assessment, media assessment and stakeholder panels. We source and select candidates ethically and maintain complete records to demonstrate our process is scrupulously fair and our results are auditable.

Business discipline partners
We also provide candidates with access to industry experts - perhaps an econometrics professional or a financing specialist - who’ll give you the inside view on the prospective role.

Maybe you’ve built city complexes in the far-east but you’re a little rusty on the UK government’s latest thinking on private finance initiatives. Perhaps you’ve run a primary care trust but you’re not completely up-to-date on the procurement policy of various European governments. If these issues or others are important to our clients, we’ll brief you thoroughly.

Ongoing support partnership
We don’t stop there. We supply our clients and candidates with expert advice, mentoring and executive peer group support to make new working relationships successful. If what we’ve told you here doesn’t sound like the kind of executive recruitment you’ve experienced, we’re not too surprised. We do things differently because we’re passionate about partnership. The clue is in our name: with us, our clients and candidates can go a bit further.