To be successful for both the Aspiring Leader and the Host Board there needs to be a comprehensive commitment from both the hosting and the lending partner. All parties will meet prior to an appointment in order to gather the necessary information on what hosting and lending partners are looking to get from the experience and to provide the opportunity for us to share what they will be expected to deliver to the candidate in the process. 
We would expect that selected participants will be:
  • An aspiring talent who stands out as having achieved something significant in their career to date
  • Typically holding a senior position within their organisation
  • Demonstrates significant leadership skills perhaps distinct from peers
Once selected, the candidate will:
  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Be assigned an experienced mentor, either within the Board or externally
  • Have access through Cadence Partners to professional training/professional qualification throughout the process
  • Be a Board member in all aspects but have no voting rights and will not form part of a quorum
  • Have the flexibility to be able to contribute at her own pace and also to learn in a safe environment