Assessment & Development

Board Development Practice
We believe that the recruitment process seldom finishes on the day the person takes up their new role.

New appointees need to understand their role and how they fit into the organisation quickly. They can find it helpful to have an independent ‘sounding board’ and access to peers across the country. We’ve found this to be especially valuable to Chairs and Non-Executive Directors who will not be inside an organisation full-time.

This personalised input allows us to build a long-term relationship, working closely with clients to better understand their values and needs.

We offer a number of post-appointment services, including:

  • Induction: We work with our clients to develop an induction pack for new appointees containing comprehensive information about the organisation, key contacts and short-term expectations.
  • Mentoring: New appointees at senior level often feel isolated and value a confidential, independent ear. We provide bespoke mentoring services to teams and individuals that offer valuable feedback to Chief Executives and Chairs on morale, organisational culture and development needs.
  • Ongoing Training Opportunities: Using our extensive knowledge of the wide range of training opportunities available to directors, we can provide ongoing support in identifying and providing specific training requirements. This enables new appointees to develop into their new post to the very best of their ability.
  • Team Building: We offer team building to boards and groups of staff, helping to dispel tensions related to new appointments, structures or posts.
  • Peer Support: We offer facilitated peer support with similar post-holders across the country that is proven to improve confidence and performance.
  • Appraisal: We have expertise in Chair and non-executive level appraisal and can offer quarterly two-way processes and 360° degree appraisals.

We believe in the power of assessment as an integral part of the selection process, enabling you to make the right decisions about who should lead your organisation. The fallout of a weak appointment is complicated and expensive. Working with our assessment specialists we tailor solutions that respect your uniqueness and help you assess key components of the role – everything from transformational leadership and strategic vision, through to political insight, agile judgment, relationship-building and performance management, for example.

Our approach concentrates on generating objective information that is impossible to ascertain simply by asking questions.

  • Our solutions tailor key questions for each candidate to identify how they naturally work, and what differentiates them from others. This shows how they will fit with the signposts ‘best fit’ in relation to team and organisational culture – factors that are increasingly acknowledged as being central to business success.
  • The assessments can be predictors likely of future performance, allowing the panel to foresee how the post-holder’s strengths can be aligned, or not, with the complex challenges ahead.

Why use Cadence Partners for assessment?
We are able to offer a diverse range of assessment tools including WAVE, OPQ, FIRO-B, NEO PI-R, MBTI, Talent Q, Strengthscope, Leadership Judgement Indicator, Hogan and many more. Equally important, is our principle that bespoke assessment can lead to better decisions as well as thought-provoking feedback for each candidate to enhance their experience, inform developmental needs and elevate the reputation of our client as committed to leadership development.

Our assessment practitioners are also ILM qualified coaches, and hold postgraduate qualifications in careers guidance. Additionally, they are experts in the field of contemporary leadership development, combining ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ expertise. As a result our clients receive a distinctive service, that is person and business-centred, and that’s markedly different and more rounded, than the traditional assessment formats.