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Equity in the Workplace Event Series

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We are please to announce the launch of a series of events in partnership with the Conduit that looks to inform, challenge, reflect and address the theme of "Equity in the Workplace".

Shani Newbold and Arvinda Gohil have made it their mission to ensure race equity is at the forefront of their lives, professionally and personally. However, we know there is a very long road ahead, and much needs to change for us to really achieve true justice and equity.

One issue of particular interest is recruitment and how we attract, retain and build inclusive, equitable, and just work environments. We need our civic organisations to reflect society in all of its diversity and richness. In partnership with the Conduit, we would like to introduce a new series of events that looks to inform, challenge, reflect and address the theme of “Equity in the Workplace”. This series will bring together carefully selected panels of leaders from different sectors, who will share their experiences and insights before opening to the floor for conversation and challenge.

The first event has a focus on race and leadership, exploring how we can attract and retain diverse talent. It will be chaired by Arvinda Gohil, and our Founder and Managing Partner, Shani Newbold, will be on the panel alongside:

  • Dr Wanda Wyporska, CEO of the Black Equity Organisation;

  • Phil Walker, Chair of Council at University of Roehampton;

  • Roselyn Cason-Marcus, Global Director, Black Senior Talent Attraction and Retention at McKinsey & Company.

Full details of the event can be found at:

As partners on this series, we have a limited number of guests spaces available; if you’re interested in attending please email