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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy

We offer a range of support to help you address your EDI challenges, helping you build an inclusive leadership, culture and workplace, and drive authentic change. We partner with you to shape, develop and guide you through your EDI journeys, by providing an independent eye, and acting as an extension to your HR, L&D and EDI teams.

Our Approach.

Our support is completely tailored to your organisation and your challenges, as everyone’s EDI journey is different. We act as a critical friend and strategic advisor, taking time to understand and gain real insight to where your organisation is and the journey it needs to take. We go beyond a compliance-based processes; we combine research and expertise with a reflective approach, that engages and challenges minds, to ensure authentic development, actions and learning that create genuine impact.

We design and deliver bespoke support to your organisation and your challenges, therefore we always request an initial consultation to get to know your needs, and then create an individual plan based on the journey you are on. After discussing your current and future EDI needs, we will present our recommended solutions and work collaboratively with you to create, develop and implement your individual action plan.

Our Team.

We’re not a large, unresponsive corporation; we are human, personal and develop real partnership with our clients. As a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, we know first-hand the creativity, rich contribution, and value that different perspectives and experience adds to an organisation.

With our individual experiences of working in cross-cultural environments, we make sure that EDI is not just a ‘tick box’ exercise. Our team have worked with a broad array of voluntary, public sector, and corporate clients, supporting them to reduce systemic barriers within their organisations. This affords a unique understanding of the technical understanding of EDI as well as access to an extensive network of EDI thought leaders.

Some of the EDI support we can provide includes:
Audits and Reviews.

Our audits take a complete review of your organisation - your people, recruitment, policies, culture, training, salary, rewards ad marketing – by using surveys, interviews, focus groups, policy analysis and other review techniques. They take a deep dive into the makeup of your organisation and provide actionable insights for improvement.

Inclusive Recruitment.

Inclusive recruitment goes beyond simply being open to different groups of people applying, it involves taking proactive steps to make every stage in the process equal for all.

We conduct detailed analysis of how you currently recruit, allowing us to determine the barriers or challenge areas. We then produce recommendations and work with your in-house teams to rethink, train, and make adjustments that ensure you have a more inclusive and equitable recruitment approach.

Leadership Coaching.

Leadership coaching allows for self-awareness reflection, provides critical challenge and support, and helps drive and embed the transitioning leaders into successful change agents who champion EDI. It is a powerful personal development tool that provides a safe space for individuals to discuss and reflect on their personal and professional journeys in order to become stronger and more confident leaders.

Building Talent Pipelines.

We can support you to take a more proactive approach to hiring, by helping with talent mapping; building and cultivating strategic pipelines of diverse talent, whether that be a focused pipelines for minority ethnic, disability, gender, LGBTQ+, etc.

We use our networks and market insight to assess and qualify diverse talent and high potential that might be of interest to you. We cast a wide net to both identify diverse talent and think beyond traditional search parameters, acting as an ambassador for your organisation and brand.

Some of our amazing clients

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